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Review on CustomWriting.com Essay Services

Late as usual…Every student faces the problem of tough deadlines in college, especially in the US, where people are very precise. This semester I turned out to be up to my ears in work and I tried not to miss every student party my friends had been organizing for almost every weekend. I had three unaccomplished essays closer to the end of the semester. I was in stress and started to work on them badly.

Review on CustomWriting.com Essay Services

As a result, I coped only with one. Two essays on the following difficult topics such as: “Gender and identity issues in second language acquisition,” (on Linguistics) and “Classifying Mental Disorders: Nontraditional Approaches” (on Phycology). A had neither time no inspiration to write those academic papers, I found other alternatives.

What Was My Decision?

Only CustomWriting.com could help me to stay in college when I was close to the edge. Of course, I had some doubts before using it, as I was afraid of potential scamming or payment difficulties. Check out my short review on CustomWriting service the client of which I became.

General Impressions about the Company

CustomWriting.com website promises the same things as many similar essay services. Do they correspond to reality? YES. Among the features, I liked the most were:

  • ON-TIME DELIVERY guaranteed by the company;
  • 27/7 support available;
  • Protection from plagiarism;
  • Professional NATIVE-SPEAKING WRITERS ready to help.

The CustomWritings site is quite user-friendly, transparent, and clear (without obtrusive advertisements).  Judging by feedbacks and the list of tasks they can cope with it becomes understandable that not only students but people working in other companies use such service. It is more efficient to outsource the hardest monotonous work to the professionals than spending large amount of time on creating the texts for your purpose.

Review on CustomWriting.com Essay Services

In the long run, you will save your time by ordering an essay with your custom requirements. In case that you have no experience in using this kind of service and you don’t like reading a lot of reviews, choose CustomWriting.com for your comfort.


I don’t prefer to pay the extra money, so this particular website appealed to me in average and affordable price. You need to give from 13 $ per one page. Note, if your task is urgent, you this price a little bit higher. There is no discount system on CustomWriting website what is by the way not so essential, as you don’t need to overpay.

Customer Support

I believe that the work of the customer support promptly reflects the quality of the CustomWriting.com service. My first chat with the support agent inspired confidence that my work would be done according to my requirements. As I had my essay on different subjects, I was collaborating with two writers at once and the guy from the customer support simplified the way of communication with them for me. I consider this as a professional approach.

Review on CustomWriting.com Essay Services

My academic papers from CustomWriting company were uploaded on time and the professor gave me “A”- grade for both of my works.